About Our Program


At MOSCONE LIMOUSINE, we take pride in giving you unsurpassed customer service and unparalleled attention. As such, we offer such perks as:

-Water. Choose between, Perrier ® or San Pellegrino®.

- Very competitive rates. For most destinations, we charge the same rates as taxicabs and even in some cases less.

-Easy online quotes and booking.


But what really set us apart is our LIMOPOINTS®/LIMOPASS® Program. Imagine getting some money back in the form of points everytime you choose us, points you can use for future trips. YOU CAN REDEEM THEM ANY TIME YOU WISH. Simply email us a request to be part of - your points will be allocated every time you select us based on the amount of your order. When you want to redeem them simply call us and we will gladly tell the value of your accrued LIMOPOINTS®

Our LIMOPASS® will ensure that you get from point A to point B in style, safety and comfort. Just make yourself at home in the backseat, state your destination and enjoy another relaxing trip with us while in town.